About the artist

Kanako Abe is a Japanese kirie artist based in Seattle, Washington.

Kanako specializes in the intricate art of kirie, a traditional Japanese term that translates to paper cutting. Using the meticulous technique of paper cutting, she transforms sheets of paper into intricate designs with a precision knife. Hours of dedication and concentration are woven into each piece.

Kanako refines her artistry through hand-dying washi paper, often utilizing indigo, rust, or Japanese sumi ink. The infusion of organic textures explores the delicate equilibrium between the unforeseen and deliberate control—a contemplative journey that Kanako finds meditative.

Inspired by nature, the starry sky, woodland animals, folklore and dreams, Kanako's creations are visual journeys through these realms. Through her hands, the paper becomes a canvas for stories untold, where every cut is a deliberate step into a world where imagination and reality intertwine.